5 biggest benefits of sustainable baby clothing compared to synthetic clothes.

5 biggest benefits of sustainable baby clothing compared to synthetic clothes.

As a parent your newborn or infant is the most precious to you and  you would  always want the best for your child be it the diet, skincare products you would use, the toys and clothing. Clothing plays a key factor in your baby’s skin because they are wearing them 24*7. With sustainable fabric we assure you that your baby will be healthy and comfortable. Sustainable clothing is beneficial for both environments and people. They also adopt ethical practices and also promote a more customer focused approach.  Let’s explore what sustainability has to offer us that synthetic clothing cannot. 


  • Chemical Free: Cotton is the most popular fabric used in clothing and they are heavily treated with pesticides for quick growth in volumes and also makes them cheaper. The synthetic fabric for infant garments also consist of petrochemicals and plastics which are risky for your baby’s skin. Our fabric is sourced from farmers who use sustainable practices to grow cotton and bamboo without any use of toxins. We assure you that the fabric is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Which significantly reduces the likelihood of the baby’s skin being irritated. 


  • Environment Friendly: We acknowledge that you want to do everything you can to provide environment friendly solutions to your family and decrease the carbon footprint. Organic farming reduces the environmental stress, the farmers adopt naturally beneficial practices, they don’t use any harmful pesticides or use fungicides to treat their seeds. When you’re buying something organic you are not only safeguarding your baby, but you’re also safeguarding mother earth.


  • Sustainable doesn't have to be expensive: Our clothing range is priced at affordable rates so it is pocket friendly to you. And we also don’t compromise on the quality of the garments. Which pays off in the long run because the fabric don’t disintegrate as quickly compared to the processed synthetic fabrics. This means they will last longer, Which is bang for the buck.


  • It is more comfortable, soft: Sustainable clothing is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, the material used to make garments loses its softness when it is soaked in chemicals while processing. This irritates the skin of the newborn. The materials used to make our garments are much more long-lasting and are soft.


  • Robust and Durable:  When it comes to baby apparel durability should be the most important factor to consider. Most of the common events such as food spillage or infant spit-up can ruin the clothes forever. Both organic cotton and bamboo are durable materials. They can be washed frequently without showing any signs of wear and tear. Purchasing long-lasting and spill proof clothes will save you time and money in the long term.
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May 04, 2023 at 14:47

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