Here is everything you need to know about Bamboo baby clothing

Here is everything you need to know about Bamboo baby clothing

As a parent you want to choose outfits that are fashionable and practical at the same time. The fabric provides the functionality and we strive to make it fashionable. The best of both worlds. Here is why sustainable bamboo fabric  is the best for your baby.

The fabric is highly absorbent and can absorb three times its own weight in liquid. And for you active child this is a perfect wear. Kids produce a lot of sweat after running around all day or if they are just in humid places then there is no need to say how hot the summers in India are. The bamboo fabric makes sure that all that accumulated moisture and sweat is absorbed and wicks the sweat away from their skin effectively, keeping them comfortable and ready to play. Breathability plays an important role in the clothes because you don’t want the kid to be uncomfortable when it’s hot outdoors.

The material used to manufacture the fabric is all natural. Bamboo grass is used and the fabric is made after separating the pulp from the grass. Polyester and nylon are synthetic fibers which do not provide the natural benefits as bamboo fabric. Bamboo is naturally disease-resistant, which means you can be sure that no pesticides or chemicals are used throughout the manufacturing process.

Unlike other synthetic fibers which leave your child feeling hot and uncomfortable, bamboo cloth can regulate your child’s body temperature because of the micro-gaps that are present in the fabric. The bamboo fabric can retain cool air in the summer and can keep the warm air around during the winters.

The bamboo fabric is as soft as cashmere and has added benefits such as breathability and moisture wicking for maximum comfort. Even if it’s so delicate the durability will surprise you. It is one of the most durable materials, it is three times stronger than cotton. And our bamboo made clothing is more durable and retains its color and form longer. Even after multiple washes.

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