Kidbea, a sustainable clothing brand exclusively for kids, is what every new family in a modern household needs. With both sets of parents working and trying to have it all, the joy of parenting is lost in how tedious raising a little one can be. Kidbea with its unique spill-proof technology and sustainable fabric is taking some of the load off.

Parenting, traditionally believed to be a feminine role is no longer the case. Millennial families are not bound by traditional gender roles that dictate what part mothers and fathers play in raising their children. Now if one partner is cooking then the other one washes the dishes. In the 21st Century, couples are dividing all their chores 50-50. But the number of chores rises exponentially when the household is blessed with a tiny member.

Babies are as difficult to raise as cute they are. They puke and poop ten times a day which means you are constantly cleaning or washing. But parents that are choosing Kidbea products for their little one have it a little easier. Kidbea clothes have a unique spill-proof technology, which means that any liquid spilled won’t be absorbed by the fabric; which in turn entails that Kidbea clothes don’t need to be washed as often as regular clothes, and when they do require washing it’s a breeze as the stains come off fairly easily. So now mothers or fathers that used to shy away from laundry day aren’t as overwhelmed as they used to be.

“When both parents are committed to working together on common family goals, it sets a great example of teamwork and support that goes a long way in the child’s life. We at Kidbea encourage a relaxed parenting life by offering hassle-free comfortable wear for children” .
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