5 tips to keep your baby healthy during winters: Winter care tips for kids

5 tips to keep your baby healthy during winters: Winter care tips for kids

Blankets, hot soups, and whatnot…Finally, The season of chilly winters is here this season also increases the risk of cold and flu and hence is a major concern for parents. 

Worry not some little precautionary steps can take your tension away and make you enjoy the season healthy and happy with your little ones.

Follow these simple tips:


1. Focus on nutrition- Make the diet of your child nutrient-rich by including paneer, chickpeas, chicken, soya, and milk in it. These ingredients make the diet protein rich and protein helps in muscle growth. 

Also try to Include all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants essential for strengthening the body’s defense mechanisms. Give your child vitamin-C-rich foods such as oranges, tomatoes, melons, papayas, and green leafy vegetables, and water-rich foods such as onions, broccoli, cauliflower, mint, ginger, and more.


2. Improve sleep schedule - Sleep schedule disturbs during winter so try to ensure that the sleeping and waking time of your child is fixed and he/she takes quality sleep regularly as quality sleep maintains their energy level.


3.  Avoid unnecessary antibiotics- Don’t give antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription to your child during a cold and fever as overuse of antibiotics develops anti-microbial resistance and weakens the immunity of your child.


4. Cut down on fast foods- children are very likely to munch on foods like french fries, and burgers in winter. But you can replace this with healthier alternatives like roasted makhanas, popcorn, boiled corn, and nuts.


5. Ensure that the child stays hydrated- Children are at a higher risk of dehydration in cold temperatures than adults. Ensure that your baby drinks enough water to keep them hydrated as water helps in releasing toxins from the body. Also give lots of warm fluids like warm turmeric (haldi) milk, coffee, tea, etc.,


6. A good massage warms the body- Tried to give your baby’s body a good massage with a lukewarm oil as it increases blood circulation and keeps your baby’s body warm.


7. Cover your baby’s body completely- while going outdoors ensure that your baby wears a cap, gloves, socks, and sweater.


Fill the child with energy and activeness by following these precautionary steps and spending quality time with them.

Along with it encourage them to take part in various indoor and outdoor activities and fun plays.

For a better understanding, you can watch our video 5 Baby care tips for winter I How to take care of your baby in winter

Happy Winters!!

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