Everyday Parenting: The Basic Guide

Everyday Parenting: The Basic Guide

The moment of becoming a parent is a moment of happiness in anybody’s life. All parents strive to be the best parents, and try to find the most effective way to pamper their infant is to pamper them as much as possible. However, lack of information can sometimes leave you lacking in some aspects. It is a challenging and frustrating task when you come across different problems on a daily basis as a parent. Learning parenting skills and preparing in advance can make things a bit smoother for you. To learn to parent, you have already made your first move and that is why you are here on this blog.

This article will help you to know the aspects you need to consider if you have a newly-arrived member in your family or you are expecting one.

• Hygiene Care

It is extremely easy for babies to contract diseases from their surroundings and they are highly vulnerable to infections. That is why it becomes crucial to wash your hand before handling your baby. Infections are more likely to occur in newborns since their immune systems aren't yet strong. Ensure that everyone who handles your baby has clean hands.
Also, make sure that baby's clothes and bed sheets are washed regularly with mild detergent. If your child's diapers are not changed at the right time, they are the main source of infection. Maintaining proper diaper changing schedules and cleaning their bottoms are crucial. In addition, make sure they wear diapers made from natural fabrics, like cloth and bamboo, available on the market, so they won't get rashes. You can check out the diapers by Kidbea which is eco-friendly, extra soft, washable, reusable and long-lasting. As a parent, you should provide your child with a healthy, disease-free environment as much as possible. In case you are a new parent and unsure of how to take care of your child, these tips may help.

• Pampering

Lift the baby carefully and gently. They are so delicate and soft. You should support their neck with your hand when lifting them so that their neck does not bend improperly, causing injury.
Never shake or toss your baby in the air or in any other way. Babies can suffer serious injuries from it.
While waking them up, tickle their bodies or legs softly instead of shaking or shouting. Furthermore, a stroller shouldn't be fastened until a baby is too old because they aren't strong enough and ready for it yet.

• Bathing Tips

Bathing babies can be a lot of fun, but you need to be careful while bathing your baby. Initially, plan it for twice or thrice a week. You can bathe your baby in a baby bath and keep everything you need within your reach. This will ensure that you don’t have to leave your baby for even a second. Warm water should be used, not hot.
Invest in products that are customized for your newborn and recommended by experts. Any harsh product can cause irritation to a baby's skin. Also, avoid wearing any accessories while bathing your infant. When drying up, use a clean, soft towel and wipe gently.

Clothing Selection

Correct selection of clothes is a big concern for parents. There are many brands out there providing good and fashionable clothes and that makes parents more indecisive about the selection. Any clothing material that is harsh can cause irritation and allergies. Parents do their best to pamper them with the softest fabric possible. But sometimes, not having enough awareness makes it challenging to choose the right fabric. As parents, we must make sure that our kids wear the right type of clothes to keep them comfortable while they frolic around. Cotton is usually considered the most suitable fabric for infants' delicate skin. However, the revolution in the fashion industry has provided us with a better option, and that is Bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is made by extracting and spinning fibers from bamboo pulp and combing them into yarn and cloth. Bamboo fabrics are used to create items like towels, underwear, shirts, bed sheets, and even mattresses since they are strong and soft. Kidbea is one of such companies that deal in sustainable clothing for children. You will find high-quality clothes here as they are spill-proof, antibacterial, breathable, and soft.

• Feeding and Burping

A baby's first food should be breast milk. For the first six months of a baby's life, breast milk meets all the baby's needs. When feeding your baby, you should be patient and slow. Try introducing him to a variety of tastes after he reaches 6 months, but do not force him, and watch closely to see if he is still hungry.
After eating, burping is a crucial thing to do. Babies often swallow air during feeding, which is relieved by burping. Taking in too much air and not being burped often can make a baby spit up. Hold your baby against your shoulder or lay your baby on your lap on his or her belly and pat it gently to make him or her burp.
I hope these tips will help you in taking care of you new born.
Happy Parenting!!!

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