The benefits of switching to reusable cloth diapers

The benefits of switching to reusable cloth diapers

We all imagine when it comes to the cloth as a triangular thin piece of cloth that our moms used back but the modern reusable are nowhere near that they have done complete 360 in the innovation. Our reusable diapers are completely safe for the infant to wear and have all the features of a traditional disposable diaper. What differentiates us is that our diapers are reusable, affordable and won’t cause any harm to the environment. Let’s take a look at how.


Cloth diapers are much more cheaper than disposable ones:

In the first year a new baby can go through an average of 3,000 diapers and that’s a lot of diapers and an average piece of diaper costs around Rs. 10 which means that on an average you are spending Rs. 30,000  a year only on your baby diapers. Which is a lot of money, and also depending on the financial situation, you may even purchase expensive diapers which results in higher expenditure. Now on the other hand when you initially invest in cloth diapers it might look expensive but remember that these diapers can be used countless times and you’ll need roughly 30 cloth diapers from birth to two years of age. And now you only have to spend around 7,500. Which is a staggering amount of cost savings. 





Cloth Diapers are safer and better for your baby’s Skin and Health

Another advantage of switching to cloth diapers is they are much better suited on your loved one’s skin. Many brands have been found to contain chemicals such as latex, chlorine and other substances that are harmful to your baby’s skin and health. Meanwhile our cloth diapers are made of fabric and do not include any harmful chemicals. They are also made of cotton which allows the baby's skin to breathe and reduces rashes compared to the disposable ones.


These Cloth Diapers are definitely environmentally friendly:

It is believed that the  disposable diapers take around 500 years to disintegrate and most of them end up in landfills polluting a lot of land. The cloth diapers are far more environmentally friendly. They are washable and reusable, so you will significantly limit the amount of waste generated from the household and if the baby has outgrown them you can always give them away!


Very Easy to use and Easy to Clean:

It may seem or sound intimidating at first when it comes to using cloth diapers, It's not as easy as tossing away. It just needs a few simple steps  but we bet that once you get a hang of it it’ll just be like washing any other piece of cloth. If the diaper becomes soiled simply remove the dirt and flush it out. Then soak them and chuck them in the washing machine and let them dry out in the sun and Voila!! You are done. Just like washing any regular cloth.




And the fun part is we offer you different styles of cloth diapers and a variety of prints. Go ahead, Check them out.

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