Every parent puts their best efforts to make their kids grow physically and mentally. The kid’s learning ability is very good and putting them to the learning stage through the fun process is a wise thought. Playing is one of the easiest and most effective ways of learning. Toddlers are sensory learners who love to touch, eat, and smell to explore the things around them. Surround your kids with letters, numbers, colors, textures, and other fun learning tools to make them curious about them. It strengthens the power of concentration and ultimately makes your kid smart and a quick learner. It’s important to be attentive at the initial learning stage of your little one and that will help them in the future. Parents tend to look for different ways to involve their kids to make them learn basics about things in their environment.  There are several simple activities you can integrate into their daily schedule to have an impact on their brain growth and development. Here are some of such fun activities mentioned below to help you.


Drawing and Painting

This is an activity that makes the kids independent in exploring shapes, lines, and diagrams. Various colors look fascinating to them. They want to take the most out of it. Also, provide them with drawing books and guide them to fill the color inside the boundary of the diagram. This will boost their concentration. Also, kids have imaginative minds which they can draw down with colors at this age.


Counting things

When feeding your kid, count the number of slices of apple or no. of biscuits and ask them to repeat. Count the numbers in a way to sing and it will be easier for them to repeat and keep it in their man abacus with colorful large beads will be effective in this process kids will easily grab the concept.


Singing rhymes

Singing and listening to music is an effective way to boost mood and make you happy. When you sing rhymes to your kids, they enjoy it and try to sing along. This way they learn new words and rhymes strengthening then their memory.


Body part identification

Use their bodies as a primary avenue to start with. Let them know the name of their different body parts and make them pronounce them. Start with common body parts and then move to advanced ones. Make them stand in front of a full-length mirror and let them explore different parts of the body. While feeding or bathing or dressing up, discuss the different body parts. It will easily make them aware of it.


Picture identification

On the wall of your house, hang pictures or charts of flowers, animals, fruits, and other things and make them look at them frequently and let them know each of them. Doing this repeatedly will help them identify those things and memorize them.


Dough play

The colorful dough is a fun thing to do. Allow your kids to self-express with this dough. They will squeeze, spread, and throw, and eventually start making creative shapes with it. Provide them with dough, beads, thread, and other playful stuff and guide them to make a particular thing for extra play value.



Puzzle-solving helps learning, patience, perseverance, and fine motor skills. It promotes proper brain development to set all the parts of the puzzle in proper order, they will concentrate, plan the process and assemble the parts to solve the puzzle. Let them assemble the puzzle by verbally guiding them. It will also improve their listening skill and helps to sharpen their minds.

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